About Frisia Food

Frisia Food is one of the largest slaughterhouses in the Netherlands. Roughly 140 people work in our state-of-the-art factory in the Frisian village of Haulerwijk to achieve the timely delivery of chicken and chicken products to our customers, predominantly in the wholesale, industry and foodservice sectors.

Mission and vision

It is our understanding and vision that chicken is the most appreciated type of meat for most people and has the smallest ecological footprint. Coming from this conviction, each day, we do our utmost to deliver those chicken products that our customers need. We make true on our promises and want to be reliable party for both people and animals.

Our mission is to achieve the maximum added value with our chicken and chicken products. We achieve this by adapting to our customers’ needs, while making use of the most efficient means of production.

More than sixty years of experience with chicken

Frisia Food is the new name of J. de Vries and Sons. The original company started as a traditional chicken slaughterhouse more than sixty years ago. In those years, the company developed into one of the largest slaughterhouses in the Netherlands. In 2010, the slaughtering operations of J. de Vries and Sons were continued under the name Frisia Food. Frisia Food is situated in Haulerwijk in an exceptionally well-equipped factory that boasts an independently-certified laboratory. Frisia Food employs roughly 140 people.

Delivery throughout Europe and outside of Europe

Our customers are mainly bulk users and consumers in industry in Europe and outside of Europe. Roughly eighty percent of our production is intended for export. We supply our products to customers in Africa, Bulgaria, China, Germany, England, Finland, France, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Rumania and Russia.

Correct delivery is one of our strongest points. We achieve this by carefully selecting our logistical partners, allowing us to guarantee the correct, safe and timely (weekly) delivery of our products.

Production process

Frisia Food’s production process has been set up meticulously. It contains the following steps:

Hatchery - Fattening - Inspection by our own laboratory - Transport from the fattener to Frisia Food -Inspection of the living chickens by our animal-welfare employee - Plucking - Inspection slaughtered chicken (own laboratory) - Cooling - Separating line - Fresh loading or freezing - Packaging - Transportation