Corporate Social Responsibility

At Frisia, we have a broad understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility. To us, it means having respect for people, animals and the environment; aimed at the present, while also looking towards the future. It means that we are aware of the fact that we are operating in a sector that is vulnerable on various levels; food safety, respect for animals and the people operating in our sector, and public opinion, which is ever-present in our contemporary, social-media-dominated world, are all aspects that require careful consideration. We are wholly aware of these factors and the responsibilities we have towards society, embracing the leading role we play in all the above areas.


Frisia Food acts in accordance with the agreements that have been stated in the MJA 3 covenant. The objective of MJA 3 is to realise an energy reduction of thirty percent in the period between 2005 and 2020. Measures that are used to achieve this goal are the following: energy saving, energy management, an energy-efficiency plan and the careful monitoring of results. Sector organisations have created a multi-annual plan for the sector as a whole.

Animal welfare

To ensure the welfare of our animals, Frisia Food employs an animal-welfare employee. This employee monitors all incoming lorries. After their arrival in Haulerwijk, all chickens are kept in conditioned spaces.


Frisia Food adheres to all legal demands and obligations for its personnel. Personnel is on our payroll or is hired through employment agency, Randstad. Frisia has a social-policy plan.


Correct delivery is one of our strong points. This is why we work together with reliable logistical partner. They guarantee the correct, complete and timely delivery of our products. We deliver our products to countries within and outside of Europe on a weekly basis.