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Frisia is a modern chicken slaughterhouse that works in line with the strict standards that apply to its sector. We aspire to be a reliable company; both towards our people and our animals. This is why we adhere to strict rules and agreements – concerning hygiene, for example. Additionally, we are always open to hear about new ideas or needs from people within our organisation. Frisia employs roughly 140 people, spread over eight departments. The largest proportion of these employees are in fixed employment, but we also always supplement our fixed staff with personnel employed by employment agency Randstad. We work in line with the principal of Societally-Responsible Entrepreneurship. This means we live up to our responsibilities in terms of the environment, but also that we have certain social responsibilities; towards our suppliers, our customers, people living close to our factory and, last but certainly not least, our employees. Being a Frisia employee means that you can rely on us to be both honest and clear.


We do not have any open vacancies at present, but you can always submit an open solicitation to our company. When sending an open solicitation, please make sure to tell us who you are and specify why you would like to work with us.

Holiday work

Are you looking for holiday work, are you at least sixteen years old and are you available for a minimum of three consecutive weeks? Sign up now!